Golfing Injury

Golf, a hobby played by millions of people across the world, well by some, poorly by others. However, one thing that unites all golfers is that desire to get back on to the course for that next round. In fact, some go as far to say that they have an addiction!

The trouble is what happens when a golfer gets injured? Do they stop playing? Or do they struggle on and then wonder why they are not playing well? Maybe they get frustrated when they get out to play? For some this frustration is not knowing why they have the injury or why it keeps coming back and interrupts a game that they love so much.

At Tamworth Chiropractic Clinic we have are lucky to have a lead tutor on the Professional Golfers Association Golf Health education program. This is a program designed to teach medical professionals, chiropractors, physiotherapists and osteopaths how to deal with and what is causing golf injuries, particularly those that occur due to bad technique. Matthew Clancy brings to the clinic a wealth of experience in dealing with golf injuries and their related swing faults and thus is in an excellent position to be able to support your rehabilitation and get you back on the golf course.

In some cases, the patients like to involve their PGA teaching professional with the treatment. The clinic provides the information on the swing fault causing the problem, they would then consult with the PGA teaching professional, who instructs the patient how to remedy the swing fault. This symbiosis in many cases has resulted in a pain free golfer, shooting better scores and reducing their handicap.

Therefore if you would like further information or are struggling with a golfing injury then do not hesitate to contact the clinic for advice.

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