Neck Pain / Injuries

Tamworth Chiropractic Clinic Neck Pain TreatmentChronic non-traumatic neck pain has been associated with neck posture. It was found that patients with non-traumatic neck pain that became chronic are more likely to have an anterior head carriage (forward head posture).

Neck pain can be caused by ergonomics and posture through loading into joints and uneven muscle use. Check workstation positions. Try to keep your spine in a neutral position throughout working.

Stress can be a factor in neck pain with many people holding stress and tension through their shoulders, this causes some muscle tightness and increased the loading into facets.

Neck posture can cause neck pain, this can be anything from before looking down at your phone to prolonged periods looking down writing or even while walking.

Chiropractic treatment may be able to treat this neck pain and provide postural advice.

It is important to try to keep moving into your neck. If the neck isn’t being moved it will continue to stiffen up. Work within your pain threshold to not cause further inflammation.

Chiropractic can help pain caused by repetitive stress injuries and inflammation causing pain in your neck. If the joints get inflamed, they can be pain generators.

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